5 Reasons Music Camp Will Help You Regain Stage Confidence this Summer

Your Musician will LOVE In-Person Performances Again. 

As a parent, you know that the pandemic has negatively impacted your campers’ experience performing on stage. You also know that that’s a key part of being a musician. Many children have expressed anxiety and hesitancy about returning to performances. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll want to kickstart your campers’ return to the stage with a session at a summer music camp!

5. No screens in live performance

The past two years we only watched and listened to music over social media, screens, and recordings. 

For many students, band/orchestra/choir class became playing alone, learning individual parts, and then recording and posting them through apps online. While this technology is incredible, we know screen time is not ideal and can be harmful mentally, physically, and musically. 

Encore/Coda’s musical process and product is screen-free. In fact, our camp in general is very unplugged! Take advantage of being present in the moment, without screens, and listen to the sounds of real, live music.

4. LEvel up!

Summer Music Camp New England Best

Our Lower Campers are at the perfect age for recognizing patterns and problem solving using logic; developmental milestones that open up a universe of musical possibility. Our Intermediates think about how they will fit into more advanced musical groups in high school. Our Seniors contemplate music’s role in their identity and future. 

Your camper’s Music Teachers value meeting their students where they are and guiding them to the next level, whatever that might be! Camp Encore/Coda is a wonderful place for musical growth that propels campers into their next stage of life!

3. Non-competitive environment

Every summer, at every camper concert, a camper plays a very advanced piece wonderfully, resulting in a standing ovation from the campers. Inevitably, the next performer is less-advanced, makes some mistakes, but still receives a standing ovation from the campers!

We value the bravery of going on stage, the magic of self-expression through any music, and the warmth of a supportive community. Our non-competitive musical environment means we cherish every accomplishment! Our goal is for campers to improve and to have fun, and that’s what campers do. Standing ovations for everyone!

2. stand partners: your new best friends!

One of the greatest ways to build a relationship is to play music together. For at least 4 hours a day (and usually much more!) campers play music next to a peer, often reading music from the same stand.

Performing together creates a special bond–you share little moments like the time you both got lost counting rests forcing you to airplay while you tried not to giggle. Or how about when you started singing the wrong verse so loudly that the people next to you burst out laughing? And let’s not forget the magic that happens when you are both swept up in the emotions of the final performance–sharing those moments together is a truly unique and powerful part of musician-friendships. What better way to build friendships than playing music at Camp Encore/Coda?

1. Rebuild your musical confidence!

Learn bass guitar at summer camop

When playing in front of an audience, you may worry what others think about you, the pressure to play correct notes increases substantially, your fingers or legs might shake, your breathing can become quick and shallow…nerves are tough! Add this to the thousands of pandemic-related canceled-concerts (not to mention the slew of curated social media videos) and the result is a wide-spread inexperience of what it means to perform live. 

Campers at Encore/Coda find themselves constantly on stage, performing every week, sometimes several times a day. Rebuild your stage confidence this summer and practice performing with Camp Encore/Coda!

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