3 Weeks of Music and Magic!

Something special happens when you stay with us for 3 weeks!

In just 3-weeks at Encore/Coda your musician will experience 5+ hours of private instruction, 60 hours of ensemble rehearsals, and participate in at least 4 performances.

Even with the hours of combined practice, they benefit the most from having a genuine overnight camp experience – complete with the countless hours of singing, dancing, and being silly with their cabinmates and new best friends.

Our campers love living at camp for 3 weeks of the summer. They consider Encore/Coda their summer home! Read this blog post to learn more about what your child will experience over 3 weeks at Camp Encore/Coda.

Forming: Friendships and Musical identity

At the start of camp, campers form their summer-long (and usually life-long) friendships. The cabin becomes a home, and new faces quickly become trusted friends. Social skills such as conflict resolution, empathy, support, and encouragement begin to form as campers interact with people from different backgrounds. During the first week, campers begin to get to know their studio teachers, stand partners, ensemble directors, and section leaders. A camper forms their musical identity by selecting which ensembles and classes they want to dive into during all 3 weeks of camp. The first week is crucial for forming the expectations of good practice habits and rehearsal etiquette. 

Norming: Musical Habits

By the second week, campers are flourishing within the musical structure of each day. Campers will have found their favorite practice studios, and gotten into the habit of properly warming up, having productive independent practice time, and being prepared for exciting rehearsals. By now, the campers have identified areas where they need a little more musical help, and they feel comfortable seeking out our professional staff for advice and guidance.

Aside from the great musical habits formed through the second week, campers have fully adjusted to living among beautiful nature and being outdoors without a screen! 

Performing: Celebrating all the hard work

Week 3 is performance week! Though we have regular performances throughout the entire session, the third week of camp features all of our incredible performance opportunities, including playing for Family and Friends!

Campers need all 3 weeks to prepare challenging repertoire to be performed at a level that gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. In week 3, campers have moved on from learning notes, rhythms, and difficult passages, and are now honing the musicality and dynamics required of each piece alongside their best friends! Campers accomplish months worth of music instruction in a normal educational setting in just 3 weeks. It’s a lot to celebrate during our final performances, and everyone gets a standing ovation!

Even families get to experience the magic of 3 weeks spent at Encore/Coda on the final performance day, Family & Friends Day. It is truly spectacular to see your camper so excited to perform everything they worked on throughout the summer, and to show you their new best friends and favorite teachers. The social and musical benefits of our camp grow exponentially each week your camper stays with us. So don’t be afraid! Enroll for the full session and give your camper the best summer of their life!