We take safety seriously

COVID is an ever-changing reality and we are committed to reviewing, adapting, and communicating our policies to ensure the best practices for this summer. This means our policies are subject to change as we get closer to camp. We follow recommendations from the CDC, Maine Summer Camps, American Camp Association, and the Association of Camp Nurses.


Do you reqiure Vaccinations?

Yes! We require all campers to be vaccinated. As of now we strongly encourage them to be up to date with boosters. Campers who are vaccinated but not up to date with boosters may have stricter quarantine/masking requirements when at camp based on the recommendations at that time.

For staff, we require everyone to be vaccinated AND fully updated on boosters.

We appreciate your understanding, please feel free to contact us if you have any further vaccination/booster questions.

What are the 2022 COVID Policies/Procedures?

Since the COVID landscape is ever changing we will continue to monitor the situation and update our policies as appropriate.  At this point we are hoping there will be less COVID risk as we get closer to the summer, but are prepared to do what is necessary to keep campers and staff safe.

Current Plans for Summer 2022:

(Updated 5/11/22)

  • As mentioned before, we require vaccinations.
  • We will require campers and staff to take a rapid test the day before they arrive to camp (24 hours).
  • We will test campers and staff upon arrival to camp using rapid tests
  • We will test campers and staff 5 days into camp using rapid tests, and will test symptomatic people throughout the summer, in addition to anyone who is exposed.
  • We are asking everyone to bring a supply of masks – we may use them during the first 5 days for large indoor gatherings. We are hoping for the best but want to be prepared.
  • We will have the same drive-thru and staggered drop-off times. If parents wish to enter cabins, they need to wear masks.
  • We will not be taking campers off camp for trips
  • We are currently planning on HAVING Parents Day for both sessions! 
    • We will ask all guests to take a rapid test the morning of Parents Day (we suggest taking a test 1 day before and the day of if possible).
    • We will ask all guests to wear masks while on camp, except while eating.
How did E/C handle COVID safety in 2021?

Before Camp:

  • Asked all campers and staff to limit activity for 2 weeks prior to arriving on camp (no indoor dining, no large gatherings, etc.)
  • Asked all campers and staff to complete a 10 day symptom checker to be turned in on Drop-off Day
  • All campers and staff had to be PCR tested within 72 hours of coming to camp with results turned in to camp (we worked with an outside testing company–Heed Health)

Drop-off Day:

  • All family members were asked to stay in their vehicles and wear masks when interacting with staff
  • We had a drive-through health screening with our camp nurses where we took temps, collected the symptom checker and confirmed the PCR test status. Anyone with a high temperature was given a rapid test
  • Anyone who was flying in was given a rapid test

First 5 Days of Camp:

  • We structured our camp around cohorts, which started as individual cabin cohorts. When you were with just your cohort, you were allowed to be unmasked. Any cross-cohorting required masking and distance.
  • On the 5th day we retested the entire camp with PCR tests
  • We got the test results back and each session they all came back negative!

During Camp:

  • Once we had negative test results, we expanded the cohorts to upper camp and lower camp.
  • All meals were eaten outdoors when weather permitted
  • We rehearsed outdoors in tents as much as possible
  • We asked all wind and brass musicians to have playing masks and bell covers
  • Singers wore masks when singing
  • Concerts were often staged differently to maintain distance requirements
  • During indoor All-Camp activities audience wore masks
  • Staff were allowed to leave camp but were required to stay away from groups of people (i.e. a large line or outdoor dining area)
  • Campers adjusted to this ‘new normal’ easily and we had a great time!

Pick-up Day:

  • We did not have our usual Parents Day performances, but the campers performed for each other! Those performances were recorded and shared with families in the fall.
  • Pick-up procedures were the same as drop-off.
Who is on the Health Care Team?

In addition to the head staff which meets daily during camp to discuss all matters of camp including COVID protocols, we have a wonderful team of Registered Nurses! Our Nurses are committed to monitoring the health and safety of all of our campers. They communicate with the Bridgton Family Practice and are up to date with protocols suggested by the Association of Camp Nurses. With their expertise and our experience of a COVID free summer 2021, we are confident we will meet the challenges of 2022 with thoughtful preparation and skilled solutions.