The Encore/Coda Experience

The Day in the Life Series offers an inside scoop on what it’s like to be a camper at Encore/Coda. From advanced to beginner musicians, everyone benefits from the inspiring musical community at camp.

Multi-Instrumentalists Thrive at Camp

Yasmine lives in Boston MA, and is an advanced violinist and trumpeter. At Camp, she is able to study on both instruments! Yasmine has a varied schedule, and scored a leading role in our musical production of Mamma Mia.  This video follows Yasmine during her 4th summer at Encore/Coda as a senior (9th grade) camper.

Sing in Every Genre

Piervito lives in NY, and is a serious young vocalist. He loves to sing a variety of musical styles, from opera to pop. He also landed the role of Shrek in the lower camp musical! This video follows Piervito during his first summer at Encore/Coda as a middler (5th/6th grade) camper.

All Levels Are Welcome

Erikka lives in Cincinnati Ohio, and is a beginner on flute. She was able to attend camp and make incredible progress by being immersed in musical activities every day! In addition, she got to try her hand at tennis and show off her lip-syncing skills. This video follows Erikka during her first summer at Encore/Coda as a senior (9th-11th grade) camper.

Advanced Pianists Gain New Experiences

Cobie lives in NYC, is an advanced pianist, and has performed in Carnegie Hall, but also likes to play basketball and other fun games with friends. This video follows Cobie during his first summer at Encore/Coda as an intermediate (7th/8th grade) camper.

From Theater to Rock Band

Cass lives in Maine, and is an electric bassist and vocalist at Camp. He also landed the leading role in the musical Mamma Mia as Donna! This video follows Cass during his first summer at Encore/Coda as an intermediate (7th/8th grade) camper.

Lower Campers Try It All

Kenry lives in Boston MA, is an aspiring young violinist, and loves running around camp and swimming in the lake! At Camp, Kenry is able to do orchestra and chamber music, but also try his hand at jazz! This video follows Kenry during his 2nd summer at Encore/Coda as a middler (5th/6th grade) camper.

What Level of Musicianship Is Required?

Camp Encore/Coda brings out musical excellence at any level, from beginner to advanced. Campers are placed in ensembles based on ability, and at camp, we require our campers to practice, rehearse, and take music classes daily.

Our Conservatory Program is an audition-based program that is available to our most advanced Upper Campers.

We typically have all levels of musicians at every age, ranging from finishing grades 3-11.

Apply Now

We are currently accepting applications for the summer of 2022! Our application takes 5-minutes and you will hear back from us within 2-weeks.

Dates & Rates

Full Season:       $10,250 – June 26th – August 11th
1st Session:       $6,500- June 26th – July 20th
*Staccato 1:       $4,250- June 26th – July 10th
2nd Session:       $5,700- July 21st- August 11th
*Staccato 2:       $4,000- July 21st – August 8th

*Staccato sessions are designed for first-time campers who are finishing 3rd or 4th grade

Enrollment FAQs