Our online application is simple and easy to complete on a mobile device or desktop computer. It should only take 5-minutes. Soon after you apply, someone from our full-time team will contact you.

Application FAQ's

What is the Deposit and Payment Schedule?

A deposit of $1,000 is due for each camper. Whether paying with eCheck or Credit Card, the charge will not be applied until your application is accepted.

Below is the schedule of payments for each session.

Session // Deposit at time of enrollment // 2nd Payment (Feb. 1) // 3rd (Apr. 1) Payment// Final Payment (June 1)

Session // Deposit// 2nd Payment // 3rd Payment// Final Payment

Staccato // 1000 // 1000 // 900 // 900

Session 1 // 1000 //1800 // 1800 // 1700

Session 2 // 1000 // 1600 // 1600 //1500

Full Season // 1000 // 3000 //3000 // 3000


Do you have Early Enrollment Discounts?

Yes, for returning and new campers who apply early will receive enrollment discount when applying online by October 31st, 2023.

  • Staccato : $200
  • Session 1 or 2 : $400 
  • Full Season : $800
Are There Credit Card Fees?

Families make payments online for free via eCheck, (using the numbers on a check). Payments using a credit card will have a 3% surcharge.

Are There Scholarships Available?

There is financial aid available. To learn more about our programs to provide assistance, please review our Scholarships page.

Do You Have Sibling Discounts?

Yes, siblings that enroll at any point in the year will receive the following discounts:

  • Staccato : $200
  • Session 1 or 2 : $400 
  • Full Season : $800
How Do You Handle First-Time Campers?

The Staccato sessions are a wonderful entry for young campers who are coming for their first time away. We have new campers each summer in every age group – sometimes kids decide at a later age that they’d like to focus on music over the summer, so new campers are always in good company! Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about first-time overnight experiences.

Health and Safety

We have a comprehensive health and safety program that includes a health center and nurses to administer medications. The waterfront is staffed with Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Are There Refunds & Cancellations?

There are no refunds for cancellations, failure to attend, absence due to the health and well being of anyone in the family.

Are there Audition Requirements?

Camper Audition Requirements

Once an online application is submitted we will review and in most cases will ask for supplemental information.

  • All campers will submit a recording for ensemble and lesson placement purposes. This recording is submitted after the camper is enrolled, and is not used to accept or deny a camper to our program.
  • Campers applying for the Conservatory Program will be asked to submit scales as well as 2 different types of pieces. 
  • CIT Campers will be asked to submit a typed response to a CIT questionairre.
What Are the Terms of the Camper Application?

Camp Tuition Includes

Camp tuitions include all room and board, all music, sports and waterfront activities including private music lessons, camper medical insurance, supplies, postage, trips, incidental expenses & weekly commercial laundry service. 

Costs Not Included in Tuition

Costs of transportation to/from camp and camp T shirts are not included.

Deposit, Withdrawals & Payment Schedule

All payments are to be made in US funds, by eCheck, credit card or check. Scholarship applications are to be submitted at the same time as this enrollment form. There is no refund of any fee for cancellation, late arrival, early withdrawal, or dismissal for unacceptable conduct unless the vacated enrollment is filled.

Session // Deposit// 2nd Payment // 3rd Payment// Final Payment

Staccato // 1000 // 1000 // 900 // 900

Session 1 // 1000 //1800 // 1800 // 1700

Session 2 // 1000 // 1600 // 1600 //1500

Full Season // 1000 // 3000 //3000 // 3000

The above schedule references full price. Any applicable discounts are taken from the final payment. The remaining balance if any is due by June 1.

All final balances are due prior to June 1.

Dietary Restrictions

Information concerning any special dietary needs, health restrictions, regularly prescribed medications or history of psychological counseling must be provided in writing and discussed with the director in detail prior to enrollment. Except as stated in writing, parent affirms that applicant is in sound mental condition and able to perform all routine activities to the best of his/her knowledge. Parent gives permission for applicant to use all equipment, take all trips, and participate in all camp activities, except as restricted on the camp health form

Travel to and From Camp

Arranging for travel to and from camp is the responsibility of parents. Detailed information about how to make these arrangements with the camp will be provided in the springtime. During the indicated period of enrollment, campers may only leave camp on a camp trip, or with a visitor or relative over age 21 for whom the parents have sent specific written permission to the director, with the director’s permission. Two camp shirts are required for special events and some trips; a clothing list and order blank will be provided by the camp in the springtime. Campers are expected to bring to camp with them any instruments they wish to study during the summer, excluding piano and timpani. Use of the camp phone by campers is only allowed on the camper’s birthday or in the case of a family emergency. All pictures, audio and video tapes made of the applicant while in camp, and letters received by the director are the property of the camp, and may be used for promotional purposes. Linking internet postings to Camp Encore/Coda is only allowed with the express written permission of the camp directors.

Personal Responsibility for Belongings

Camp Encore/Coda is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any camper’s property or musical instrument. Information about personal affects and professional musical instrument coverage is available upon request. Parent acknowledges that the camp experience involves risks that are different from a child’s home or school experiences and agrees to assume such risks. These risks may be reduced by obeying camp rules. Parent affirms that their child has been instructed by them to obey all camp rules.

Health and Emergency

In the event of an emergency, parent hereby gives permission to the physician selected by the camp director to hospitalize, to secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for their child as named above, during the indicated period of enrollment. Parent also gives permission to the camp directors to share information on the camper health form with camp staff members and professional health care personnel as necessary.

A completed camp health history form and documentation of current health insurance is required for all campers, and must be received by the camp no later than one week prior to arrival. Payment for medical care is the responsibility of parents when not covered by their health insurance, or additional coverage provided by the camp.

Grounds for Dismissal

Use or possession of cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons, or being out of the bunk during sleeping hours for unauthorized activity will result in immediate dismissal. Repeated infractions of the camp behavior code may also result in dismissal. There will be no refunds of any kind for dismissal on the grounds of violating the above policies.