Video Samples

These are only a few of the many performances we do each summer! Watch and listen to some wonderful music from 2021 and 2019 summers.

Large Ensembles: Every camper will be in at least one large ensemble at camp, and many campers are in several! Learn more about all of the ways that campers are part of performances at camp. Come to Encore/Coda to experience the best orchestra camp, band camp, and choir camp around!

Join the Inclusive and Inspiring Musical Community at Encore/Coda

We’re always looking for young musicians that not only love their instrument(s), but also want to join a community of other kids just like them. This connection through music is what brings campers together from around the world. Will you join us this summer? Request more information to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Camper Concerts: We have camper concerts 2 nights a week. These young soloists continue to amaze us every year with their talent!

Small Ensembles: Listen to our Jazz Combos, Chamber Groups, and Rock Bands!

Staff Concerts: For one night every week, the staff perform inspiring pieces for the campers.