Camper Concert Series: Taking The Stage At Summer Camp

Camper Concerts at Encore/Coda 

Performances can be stressful for anyone, let alone students who have taken a gap in playing publicly due to a pandemic. One of the ways that we normalize taking the stage and being vulnerable at camp is by keeping campers in the crowd, at first. The first performance of any session is the staff and faculty showing their stuff. Once campers are comfortable with the environment, new friends, new instructors, and learning a work in progress; it becomes time to take a healthy risk. Enter the Camper Concert Series.

Camper Concerts at Music Camp

Once campers are comfortable, usually after the first week, we open the Camper Concert Series. Each week there are at least two opportunities for performances by soloists and small & large ensembles. Every camper in a 3-week session will have at least 5 chances to perform in a Camper Concert.

What: The Camper Concert Series gives campers what we call “parallel exposure”. This is a chance to see other instruments played on stage in genres different than their own. Additionally, the whole camp sees how beautiful it is to watch a work in progress becoming a masterpiece. Campers and staff always provide a welcoming audience.

How: Our faculty encourage campers to bring the piece the piece they’re learning  to the stage.

When: Camper Concerts are part of our evening activity schedule, after dinner.

Who: Usually campers of all ages and CITs take the stage exclusively, however at times, faculty will collaborate on stage to provide additional support and guidance to campers who are less experienced with performing.

Why: This series is invaluable for creating a culture that is warm and welcoming of learning, mistakes, and appropriate risk-taking as a musician. Some of the most uproarious responses from the crowd are for 1st time performers taking the leap to be brave on stage.

Throughout our 70+ years hosting young musicians in an inspiring camp environment, a countless number of stage-freight cases have been conquered by our welcoming and warm approach to getting campers on stage.

Join Us On Stage This Summer

Although space is limited depending on session and instruments, we are always looking for young musicians who will contribute to and benefit from our inclusive and inspiring musical community.

Perform with us this Summer!

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