Cabin Life Overview

The cabin is every camper’s ‘home away from home’ during the summer—a place where they can enjoy living with old and new friends and develop their social skills in a group living situation. We generally place campers in cabins in two-year age groupings so that they will be living with other kids at the same stage of development. 

Cabin counselors live right in the cabin with their campers, in ratios that vary along with the size of the different bunks, from 5 to 11 campers with from 1 to 3 counselors. We utilize bunk beds and open air shelving units that we call “cubbies” for campers and counselors to store their belongings. 

Cabin cleanup and bunk inspection take place every morning, with the weekly winners earning an ice cream party in the dining hall after lunch. Because our scheduling process is so individualized, campers are not scheduled for regular daily activities by cabin, but do attend meals and participate in occasional recreational activities together as a bunk, such as campfire & lip-synching skits, scavenger hunts and other similar events. 

Cabins on the “South Side” of camp are traditionally populated with male-identifying campers, and cabins on the “North Side” of camp are traditionally populated by female-identifying campers. Our Penguins cabin is our gender-expansive cabin! For more information about the gender-expansive cabin, click here.