Musical Programs at Encore/Coda

Encore/Coda offers a variety of musical programs that range from rock bands to symphony orchestras, and everything in between. Throughout the week, campers will take 1.5 hours of private lessons on up to 2 different instruments/voice from our distinguished music faculty. Each day, campers will receive a variety of individual, ensemble, and classroom-style instruction with class offerings such as theory, history, literature, conducting, arranging, sight reading, composition, and more. Our programs are designed to give the camper the option to dive deep into one field of music or cover a wide range of styles and topics, tailoring the camper’s music journey to their own preferences. Campers explore music in a serious but non-competitive, supportive environment!

Musical Programs A-Z

Chamber music

Chamber Music groups give campers a chance to play music for a small ensemble (usually a trio, quartet or quintet) drawn from a variety of classical composers. Differing from a string camp where the ensembles are just strings, we try to program repertoire with mixed instrument groups whenever possible. Each chamber group is coached by a staff member and scheduled for performance at the end of the session, as well as for Family & Friends Day. 

Participation in chamber music is a great way to sharpen listening skills and develop sensitivity to the players around you in all ways: tempo, phrasing, intonation & articulation. Plus, it is a great way to have to have some straight-up musical fun while developing these skills!

The Intensive Chamber Music elective gives campers a chance to build on our standard one-hour per day chamber music offering and develop independence as chamber musicians by spending a second hour each day beyond their regular coached rehearsal in a mix of score study, musical problem solving, master classes and additional coachings. As with all other E/C ensembles, intensive chamber groups may perform on semi weekly camper concerts during the session, and will definitely perform on the final chamber music and Family & Friends Day concerts at the end of each session.


We have many fantastic opportunities to sing at Camp Encore/Coda! All Voice Primary campers are required to be in at least one choir, and all of our choirs are open to any camper that wants to join. Our choirs are directed and accompanied by our music faculty.

Our lower campers (finishing grades 3-6) are able to participate in Lower Camp Chorus, while our upper campers (finishing grades 7-11) are able to participate in Upper Camp Chorus, Jazz Choir, or Chamber Choir (by audition only).

Composition at encore/coda

Our composition program allows interested campers to further their skills in musical composition under the guidance of a faculty member. Campers can open the door to this opportunity by registering for composition lessons on the camp enrollment form just as they would for any instrument or voice.

In addition to writing new pieces at camp, many composition students bring pieces with them that they have already written at home, so they can have them performed at one of the many camper concerts during the session. Because of our busy schedule of camper and staff concerts, Encore/Coda is a great place for campers to be able to hear their compositions performed, much to the delight of staff members and fellow campers!

Our Guitar program

Guitar and Bass Guitar campers have lots of ways to grow musically through our Guitar program. Guitar majors can specify a rockjazz or classical concentration, or can study elements of all these styles. 

Campers who do not play a band or orchestra instrument will attend Guitar Workshop in the mornings, covering any number or guitar specific techniques, histories, styles, and repertoires.

Jazz Program

Our jazz program gives interested campers a chance to explore their jazz education through full jazz ensembles, small combos, improvisation, theory/history classes, and private lessons. All of these classes, plus the performance opportunities available each week (and don’t forget informal jam sessions!), give our jazz players a chance to develop their own playing and their understanding of jazz styles & techniques.

Musical theater at encore/coda

Musical Theater has always been an integral part of Camp Encore/Coda’s program with  a Lower Camp and Upper Camp production presented on each Family & Friends Day for a total of four productions each summer. Participation in musical theater is open to all campers. 

Campers opting to focus on theater will be expected to take private lessons on one or two instruments/voice of their choice, and participate in at least one large instrumental or vocal ensemble, as well as in the Musical Theater production for their age group. 

orchestras at encore/coda

Our orchestras rehearse every day, often for 2 hours. Music faculty will place the campers into one or two of our 3 orchestras based on their Ensemble Placement Recording, a recording you submit after you have enrolled.

All of our orchestras are lead by faculty and have counselor and faculty players in the ensemble. At orchestra camp, the campers play great repertoire and get the experience of playing with great role models and professionals!

Piano Programs

Pianists at Encore/Coda have an opportunity to develop their skills through piano classes, chamber music, small jazz combos, large jazz ensemble, performing in camper concerts, private lessons, theory, and history classes.

Studying piano at camp is especially worthwhile as pianists often make music by themselves–at Encore/Coda pianists are in a constant, supportive, and collaborative musical community. For some, it is the first time they will play music with other children their own age!

Rock Program

Our Rock Program gives campers a chance to play rock, pop, jazz and fusion music. These ensembles are coached by staff members, meet at regular rehearsal times, and perform for the camp just as the larger ensembles do. Rock bands are required for guitar majors and optional for other instrumentalists. For some campers, this program is their primary pursuit at camp. For others, it represents a musical ‘alter ego’ to the classical side of their musical training. Our Rock Lab class lets any upper camper learn to play rock music on any instrument.

Our Vocal Program

We welcome campers who are primarily singers just the same as we do instrumentalists, and provide the same range of musical activities. In addition to Private Lessons, there is a vocal workshop that meets every morning and addresses such topics as sight singing, vocal listening, collaborating with a pianist, basic keyboard skills, improvisation, singing with a mic and diction. Additional electives include music literature, music history, conducting, Broadway class, improvisation and, of course, all the sports, waterfront and general camp activities. We encourage all voice majors to also study piano or guitar as a second priority, so that they have a familiar instrument with which to learn music theory and accompany themselves.

our wind ensembles

Our concert bands rehearse every day, for 2 hours. Music faculty will place the campers into one or both of our 2 bands, beginner and advanced, based on their Ensemble Placement Recording (recording you submit after you have enrolled).

All of our bands are lead by faculty and have counselor and faculty players in the ensemble. On top of playing great repertoire, campers get the experience of playing with talented role models and professionals!