A Day In Maine at Music Camp

There is nothing like spending a summer in Maine at Music Camp, where each day is filled with inspiration, friendship, and fun! Here is what a typical day could look like for your camper. 

Our Schedules

Upper Camp Overview

Our Upper Campers include Intermediates (finishing grades 7-8) and Seniors (finishing grades 9-11).

Many Upper Campers study multiple instruments and also song. We encourage them to pursue all of their musical interests through the use of an individualized scheduling system that provides for a broad variety of musical activities in many different styles, and at different levels, along with plenty of traditional summer camp fun and recreation.


Our Upper Camp Musical Classes:

Lower Camp Overview

We encourage our Lower Campers (campers finishing grades 3-6) to take advantage of all of the musical and recreational activities that camp has to offer! 

Our lower campers come to us across a wide range of musical advancement, and we provide a healthy balance of musical and general camp activities.

Our Lower Camp Musical Classes: