Private Lessons

Private lessons give campers important one-on-one time with an instructor who is a specialist on the same instrument/voice and can help them get the most out of their Camp experience by guiding their individual musical progress. Campers receive a 1-hour lesson each week on their primary instrument/voice and a 30-minute lesson each week on their secondary instrument/voice. Many, though not all campers choose to study two instruments/voice at Camp. Campers who will only be studying one instrument/voice receive the total hour-and-a-half lesson time each week on that single instrument/voice.

Campers may bring music to camp with them to study in their private lessons, or they may choose to have their private teacher at camp choose music for them to work on. Our teachers are also happy to help campers learn their ensemble music at Camp.

Private lessons are taught by our Music Faculty or occasionally by experienced Counselors who are pursuing music degrees.

For campers interested in receiving 2 total hours of private lessons each week, we have our Conservatory and Prelude programs: these programs are audition only, and give the campers more musical opportunities and instructions.

Campers and families receive written lesson evaluations from our private instructors at the end of each summer, which is helpful in bringing families as well as year-round private teachers up-to-date on what material was covered during lessons at camp.