CIT Program Overview

Our Camper-In-Transition program offers older campers a chance to gain leadership experience by living in a bunk with younger campers and spending a portion of each day working with them under staff supervision. This program is available to returning campers who have finished at least their sophomore year of high school by the time camp begins, and is offered only for the full 6 1/2-week season. CITs are selected for having displayed an interest in working with younger children, good judgment, leadership potential and overall maturity.

CITs live in bunks with younger campers and assist the cabin counselors with the daily routines of cabin living as well as with developing solutions to problems that invariably surface from time to time. They participate in the same full range of musical and camp activities as the other campers, including rehearsals, private lessons, sports, concerts, etc. CITs also plan and run special events during the summer, such as camp-wide games for a Sunday afternoon or an evening activity, CIT campfire, and our all-camp lip-sync contests known as “Rhino Night”.

Our goal is to see each CIT develop leadership skills through managing daily interactions with the full range of other people in camp, learning to balance a class schedule with CIT responsibilities and handling new and sometimes challenging situations successfully. We hope that each of these experiences will help CITs develop a deeper understanding of human interactions and of how important thoughtful leadership can be in so many different settings and situations.

If you have any questions about our CIT program, please email Cara at