Chamber Music

Chamber Music groups give campers a chance to play music for a small ensemble (usually a trio, quartet or quintet) drawn from a variety of classical composers. Each chamber group is coached by a staff member and scheduled for performance at the end of the session, as well as for Parents’ Day. 

Participation in chamber music is a great way to sharpen listening skills and develop sensitivity to the players around you in all ways: tempo, phrasing, intonation & articulation. Plus, it is a great way to have to have some straight-up musical fun while developing these skills!

The Intensive Chamber Music elective gives campers a chance to build on our standard one-hour per day chamber music offering and develop independence as chamber musicians by spending a second hour each day beyond their regular coached rehearsal in a mix of score study, musical problem solving, master classes and additional coachings. As with all other E/C ensembles, intensive chamber groups may perform on semi weekly camper concerts during the session, and will definitely perform on the final chamber music and Parents’ Day concerts at the end of each session.