Music Camp: Day Or Overnight?

Is Your Camper Ready For the Next Step?

Considering the transition from Music day camp to overnight camp?

Is your camper ready for overnight camp? Many of our young musicians start out learning the basics at day camp before stepping up to overnight camp. Our Owner and Director started out at a day camp! Discover why campers come to Encore/Coda and never want to leave!

An Abundance of Musical Exposure

Our campers’ daily-schedule is packed with robust music classes and lessons, and one of the most inspiring parts of camp is walking around and hearing music everywhere you go. Music can sometimes feel like a chore at home, but at camp, everyone is a musician, and music becomes more than just a learning experience, but a social experience too. Our campers leave camp feeling more passionate about their instrument than they did when they arrived.

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Deep and Long-Lasting Friendships

At overnight camp, with more opportunities for bonding and socializing, campers quickly become more than just friends or stand partners, but they become a family. Especially at a place like Encore/Coda, where campers all share a passion for music, campers quickly fit into our inclusive and unique community.

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Private Lessons And More 

Just like many day programs, Encore/Coda allows campers to study privately on up to two instruments, however, living on camp allows for more opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate, through camper and staff concerts, orchestras, chamber music, performances classes, and more! The musical growth is exponential at overnight camp!

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Private Lessons at Music Camp

Fun-Days and Trip Days!

With 7-days a week of camp, we are able to devote two of those days to recreational activities and trips. Campers have 5-days of their weekly scheduled packed full of musical activities, and they get to bond with their friends and relax on the other 2-days, providing the perfect balance of music and fun. And, throughout a 3-week session of camp, they’ll never do the same activity twice!

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Our campers experience so many firsts at overnight camp. Magical campfires, performing in front of the whole camp, winning cabin inspection, and gaining independence are just some of the reasons why overnight music camp makes such a deep and lasting impression on so many. What are you waiting for?

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The Options Are Endless 

Unlike a day camp, with a limited number of hours in a day, our campers can experience many different musical ensembles and genres, sports and crafts, and of course, time on the waterfront! 

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Extensions are Normal, Campers Never Want to Leave!

Thank you very much for giving our daughter, Catherine such a great music camp experience. She was in tears leaving the camp and stated that she wished she could stay longer…”

-parent from NYC