Rock Program

Our Rock Program gives campers a chance to play rock, pop, jazz and fusion music. These ensembles are coached by staff members, meet at regular rehearsal times, and perform for the camp just as the larger ensembles do. Rock bands are required for guitar majors and optional for other instrumentalists. For some campers, this program is their primary pursuit at camp. For others, it represents a musical ‘alter ego’ to the classical side of their musical training. Our Rock Lab class lets any upper camper learn to play rock music on any instrument.

Classes Offered:

  • Rock Bands (Lower and Upper Camp)
  • Rock History Elective Classes (Upper Camp)
  • Exposure to pop-chord reading in theory classes
  • Songwriting Class (Upper Camp)
  • Rock Lab Elective (Upper Camp)

At the end of each session, the Rock program partners with the Jazz program to put on an afternoon of Rock Fest! This is a chance for all rock groups to perform for their peers in a more typical rock-concert setting.